Look and describe

1 What can you see in the picture? Choose the right words. Then complete the sentences.

boys bike skateboard cup street cloud grass dolphin skirt bench racket hat lighter sun grass petal blanket foot rocket

  1. There are four _____ having a _____.
  2. A bird is _____ over the _____.
  3. A boy who reads the ____ is wearing a yellow _____ and green _____ with white _____.
  4. There is a ____ full of green ____ lying on the blanket.
  5. A father is going to ____ a ringo to his son.
  6. There is a badminton ____ lying next to a _____.

2 Lets play!

3 Write about you and you colleagues

A. I’ve got ______.

B. My friend has got _____.

C. My friend hasn’t got _____.

D. Both of us have got _____.

4 Match the words with numbers

A. ninety-three

B. eighty

C. eighteen

D. one thousand

E. eight

F. forty-four







5 Describe the photo. Name all the things that you can!

6 Let’s play a game! How many things do you remember?

7 Choose the right word

My home have / has / had three rooms. We have / is having / has a living room that is combined with a kitchen. We haven’t / haven’t got / hasn’t got a separate dining room. In this room there is / there are / are four chairs and a table. The second room is my parent’s bedroom. It has / has got / have got a large balcony. I like it very much, although I can’t / mustn’t / haven’t got play there alone. There are / is / has an armchair on the balcony where we can / be / must sit and watch the outside.

8 Complete the sentences with can / can’t / must / mustn’t

You _____ play with matches.

Your friends _____ come to visit you on Sunday.

You _____ do your homework now!

Unfortunately, our family _____ go to the seaside this year.

_____ I use your towel, please?

You _____ go to school on Monday, you are going to have an exam!

9 Write a short text about your apartment

shower flowers walls bath lamp city shelves sofa cabinet town computer bed carpet desk ceiling

We live in…

The apartment has…

There is a…

I live with…

We have a…

I want to have a….

10 Listen to a song

11 Form the right questions. Find the right answers to them

  1. name / is / your / what
  2. do / live / you / where
  3. you / are / how / old
  4. do / you / do / what
  5. you / want / be / who / do
  6. like / you / do / to / what
  7. siblings / got / you / many / how / have


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