English, group 9

Filmy z lekcji online w czasie kwarantanny

ZOBACZ (hasło takie jak nr ID w aplikacji Zoom, wpisujemy bez spacji)

Materiał zrealizowany w I semestrze roku szkolnego 2019/2020

Jobs: pilot, chef, police officer, doctor, student, teacher, firefighter, carpenter, farmer,
Drinks: water, milk, lemonade, cola, tea, hot chocolate, milkshake, orange juice
Adjectives: big, small, fast, slow, heavy, light, new, old, high, low, expensive, cheap, scary, cute, good, bad

Food: bacon, ham, bread, cereal, salad, pancakes, noodles, olives, pizza, quiche, rice, salad, toast, ugli fruit, waffles, Xmas cake, yoghurt, zucchini

Prepositions of place: in, on, under, on, behind, in front of


    1. Where are you going/what are you doing?
    2. What do you want to do/what do you want to be?
    3. What do you do? I’m a …
    4. Is it (big, small etc)? Yes, it is/No it isn’t
    5. What’s his/her name? His/her name is…
    6. How old is he/she? He/she is …years old.
    7. He/she has… (a dog, a cat, etc)
    8. He/she lives near the…
    9. Would you like a drink? Yes, please, I’d like some…/a…/ No, thank you.
    10. What would you like for breakfast? I’d like some…
    11. Where are the Christmas presents? They are … Are they…?
    12. He’d like some/She’d like some…
    13. What do you want to do/What are you doing/What do you want to be/What do you do practice