English, group 6/10

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Materiał zrealizowany w I semestrze 2019/2020

Coutries and Nationalities review

Christmas vocab: 3 wise men, advent calendar, angel, aureola, bells, belt, bow, candy cane, carolers, carols, celebration, chimney, Christmas Eve, christmas tree, carnation, church, coal, divide the wafer, eggnog, fireplace, frosted, gift, gift wrapping paper, ginger, gingerbreadman, holly, ice-rink, invisible, manger, midnight mass, mistletoe, mittens, mulled wine, nativity scene, orange, ornaments, poinsettia, poppy-seed cake, pot, priest, puddle, reindeer, relatives, ribbon, robin, sack, santa claus, scarf, share a wafer, skates, sleigh, slice of orange, snow angel, snowflake, snowman, stocking, teddy bear, tinsel, topping, tree topper, twinkle lights, unwrap, wafer, wings, winter, wishes, wrap, wreath

Past Simple: irregular verbs

Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

Ordinal numbers

Present Simple: mind map

Do you like vs. Would you like

Talking about hobbies and interests

Classroom objects and object pronouns review (in, on, above, under, in front of, between, next to, near, opposite, between)

Spelling practice

Listening and reading practice

Money and spending money

  • Reading and listening practice
  • Giving prices
  • Clothes vocab review
  • a/an/the review
  • adjectives: comparative and superlative forms review

Duolingo as a regular homework