English, group 3

Materiał zrealizowany do 9 grudnia 2018 r. 

Shapes: triangle, circle, diamond, oval, rectangle, square, heart, star

Food: orange, pineaplle, lemon, cherry, strawberry, watermelon, peach, grape, pear, kiwi fruit

Languages/nationalities: English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, German, Korean, Polish

Verbs: kick, pass, save, shoot, catch, throw, head, score

Instruments: drums, trumpet, piano, guitar, bass, violin

Questions and answers:
What’s this? What’s that?
Can you speak? Yes, I can/No, I can’t
Can you play the… (instruments)? Yes, I can play the drums/trumpet, etc
Can you kick/throw, etc.? Yes, I can/No, I can’t

Materiał zrealizowany do 10 lutego 2019

Countries: America, Australia, England, China, Canada, Korea, New Zeland, Japan, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia

Christmas decorations: angels, candles, elves, turkey, holly, bells, snow, mistletoe

Places: forest, river, bridge, farm, hospital, station, castle, supermarket

Questions and answers:

Where are you from? I’m from…

How about some…? (Christmas decorations)

Yes, please/No, thank you

Where do you live? I live near the…

Materiał zrealizowany do czerwca 2019 r.

Sports: horse riding, sailing, swimming, windsurfing, skateboarding, cycling, scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, making snowmen, ice hockey, ski jumping, sledging, snowball fighting, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, rugby, baseball

Months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, Septempber, October, November, December

Flavours: apple, lemon, mango, cherry, chocolate, melon, strawberry Subjects: maths, art, science, P.E., music, English, Polish, social studies

Places: mountain, pool, sea, beach, school, shops, park, home

Commands: eat, drink, dance, read, sing, stop, sleep Other vocab: movie, cartoon, video game, comic book, TV show

Grammar: short answers: Is it …? Yes, it is/No, it isn’t; Are you …? Yes, I am/No, I’m not

Questions and answers:

What’s your favourite sport? I like/It’s…

What sports do you play? I play…

When is your birthday? It’s in…

What’s your favourite flavour? I like…

What’s your favourite subject? I like…

Where are you going? I’m going to the…

What are you doing? I’m eating etc.

What do you want to do? I want to eat etc.