English, group 2

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Materiał zrealizowany w I semestrze 2019/2020


Personal Appearance: straight/curly/wavy hair, pigtails, ponytails, sideburns, moustache, beard, freckles

Sports: bowling, kayaking

Magic world/Halloween: spell, wand, curse, scar, goblet, witch, wizard, potion, platform, rat, toad

Patterns: stripes, spots, wavy lines, zigzags, check

Places: street, bank, museum, traffic lights, restaurant, hotel, underground/subway station, square, bus station, zebra crossing, shopping centre

Directions: go straight on/ahead, turn left/right, take the 1st/2nd left/right, stop at …, go past…

Prepositions of place: in, on, under, below, over, above, among, around, between, in front of, behind, through

Christmas vocabulary: 3 wise men, advent calendar, angel, aureola, bells, bow, candy cane, carolers, carols, celebration, Christmas Eve chimney, christmas tree, carnation, church, coal, divide the wafer, eggnog, fireplace, frosted, gift, gift wrapping paper, ginger, gingerbreadman, holly, ice-rink, manger, midnight mass, mistletoe, mittens, mulled wine, nativity scene, ornaments, poinsettia, poppy-seed cake, pot, priest, reindeer, relatives, ribbon, robin, sack, santa claus, scarf, share a wafer, skates, sleigh, slice of orange, snow angel, snowflake, snowman, stocking, teddy bear, tinsel, topping, tree topper, twinkle lights, underneath, unwrap, wafer, wings, winter, wishes, wrap, wreath

3d shapes: sphere, cylinder, cone, cube, pyramid


  1. How tall are you/Is he/is she? I’m/he’s/she’s …metre…centimetres tall.
  2. What does he/she look like? He/She has…
  3. What shall we do today? How about …ing? Let’s …
  4. What are you/is he/is she good at? I’m/He’s/She’s good at …ing…
  5. Past Simple review and practice: irregular verbs: ate, did, went, ran, swam, drank, rode, put on, slept, made; regular verbs: -d, -ed
  6. Like/would like review and practice
  7. am/is/are practice
  8. adjectives: comparative and superlative form
  9. Asking the way: How to get to? Where is…?
  10. Asking for and giving directions practice: reading and listening


  1. A bus for Miss Moss (Usborne)
  2. How the Elephant got his trunk (Usborne)
  3. A little giraffe

Listening practice

Story Bits: making a story

Duolingo as a regular homework