English, group 13

Materiał zrealizowany do 9 grudnia 2018

Flavours: apple, orange, lemon, melon, cherry, chocolate, mango, rainbow

Subjects: maths, art, science, PE, music, English, social studies, Polish

Places: mountain, sea, pool, beach, school, shops, park, home

Verbs: eat, drink, dance, read, sleep, sing, dance, cook, fish

Jobs: rockstar, baker, artist, vet, dancer, florist, baseball player, superhero, pilot, chef, farmer, teacher, doctor, student, fire fighter, police officer, carpenter, singer, dentist

Adjectives: big, small, fast, slow, heavy, light

Are you…? Yes, I am/No, I’m not (with all pronouns)
Do you…? Yes, I do/No, I don’t (with all pronouns)
Can you…? Yes, I can/No, I can’t (with all pronouns)
Have vs. have got in positive, negative and question
Is it…? Yes, it is/No, it isn’t

Questions and answers:
What’s your favourite flavour? I like apple, etc.
What’s your favourite subject? I like…
Where are you going? I’m going to… (with all pronouns)
What are you doing? I’m eating, etc. (with all pronouns)
What do you want to do? I want to… (with all pronouns)
What do you want to be? I want to be a/an… (with all pronouns)
What do you do? (for jobs) I’m a teacher/student, etc.
Is it big/small, etc? Yes, it is/No, it isn’t, it’s…

Phonics: learning to read, My First Reading Library (Usborne), kids read a few sentences every lesson