English, group 12

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Adjectives: angry, wet, good, bad, slow, fast, expensive, cheap, scary, cute, hot, cold, new, old, high, low

Drinks: cola, orange juice, water, (a cup of) tea, lemonade, hot chocolate, milkshake, (a glass of) milk

Food: bacon, ham, bread, cereal, pancakes, olives, noodles, quiche, rice, toast, ugly fruit, waffles, zucchini

Prepositions: in, on, under, near, next to, in front of, behind

Rooms: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, garage, attic, garden

Is it bad/slow/scary etc.? No, it isn’t, it’s… . Yes, it is
Are you…? Yes, I am/No I’m not (with all pronouns)
Do you like/have/play…? Yes, I do/No, I don’t (with all pronouns)
Can you…? Yes, I can/No, I can’t (with all pronouns)
Word order in sentences (I/you/he/she etc. like/have + number + adjective + colour + noun)
Comparative adjectives (big/bigger;slow/slower, good/better, bad/worse, etc.) in sentences (A tiger is faster/bigger/cuter than a chicken etc.)

Questions and answers:
Would you like a drink? Yes, please/No, thank you. I’d like a…
What would you like for breakfast? I’d like some…/She’d like some…/He’d like some…
What day is it today? It’s Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Suterday/Sunday
What’s the date today? (ordinal numbers) It’s the 1st/2nd/3rd/-th of January etc
Where is Mr Monkey? He’s near/next to/in front of…
Who is in the…? A monkey is in the…

Phonics: My First Reading Library (Usborne): kids read phonics books every lesson

Materiał zrealizowany do 10 lutego 2019

Creepy-crawlies: cockroach, beetle, caterpillar, ant, worm, mosquito, butterfly, dragonfly


ćwiczenie krótkich odpowiedzi, tworzenie zdań

Look at me/you/him/her/us/them

Questions and answers:

Where are the Christmas presents? Are they in/on/under etc…?

What does Santa do every Christmas Eve? He lands on the roof, he climbs down the chimney, he fills all the stockings, he eats all the cookies, he drinks all the milk, he feeds all his reindeer, he flies through the sky

Phonics: My First Reading Library (Usborne): kids read phonics books every lesson