English, group 11

Materiał zrealizowany do końca 2019 r.


Sports: running, cycling, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving, horse riding, skateboarding, skiing, ski jumping, making snowman, snowball fighting, ice hockey, ice skating, sledging, bamdminton, baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, tennis, rugby

Months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Ordinal numbers: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc

Transport: car, rocket, bus, mountain bike, helicopter, plane, boat, on foot

Flavours: apple, lemon, melon, cherry, chocolate, mango

Subjects: maths, English, Polish, art, social studies, science, music

Verbs: eat, drink, dance, sing, sleep, stop, cook, fish

Places: sea, mountains, beach, shops, park, school, home


  1. What’s your/his/her favourite sport? My/his/her favourite sport is… or I like/He/She likes…
  2. What sports do you play/does he play? I play/He plays
  3. Do you play/Does he play…? Yes, I/he do\does; No, I/he don’t\doesn’t
  4. When is your/her/his birthday? My/his/her birthday is in (June, May, etc)/on the 1st, 5th etc of (June, May etc)
  5. How did you get here? I came here by…
  6. some/any/a/an
  7. much/many/a little/a few
  8. What are you doing/is he/she doing? I’m/he’s …ing
  9. What do you want to do? I want to… eat, sleep etc
  10. Where are you going/is he going? I’m/he’s going to the beach/to school/home