English, group 1

Materiał zrealizowany do 30 listopada 2019 r.


Personal Appearance: straight/curly/wavy hair, pigtails, ponytails, sideburns, moustache, beard, freckles

Sports: bowling, kayaking

Magic world/Halloween: spell, wand, curse, scar, goblet, witch, wizard, potion, platform, rat, toad


  1. How tall are you/Is he/is she? I’m/he’s/she’s …metre…centimetres tall.
  2. What does he/she look like? He/She has…
  3. What shall we do today? How about …ing? Let’s …
  4. What are you/is he/is she good at? I’m/He’s/She’s good at …ing…
  5. Past Simple review and practice: irregular verbs: ate, did, went, ran, swam, drank, rode, put on, slept, made; regular verbs: -d, -ed
  6. Like/would like review and practice


  1. A bus for Miss Moss (Usborne)
  2. How the Elephant got his trunk (Usborne)

Materiał zrealizowany w grudniu 2019 r.


Patterns: stripes, spots, wavy lines, zigzags, check

Places: street, bank, museum, traffic lights, restaurant, hotel, underground/subway station, square, bus station, zebra crossing, shopping centre

Directions: go straight on/ahead, turn left/right, take the 1st/2nd left/right, stop at …, go past…

Prepositions of place: in, on, under, below, over, above, among, around, between, in front of, behind, through

Asking the way: How to get to? Where is…?

Listening practice

Story Bits: making a story

Duolingo as a regular homework